A move toward spirituality by taking an enchanting Buddhist tour of India

India is one of the most spiritual countries of the world. Various visitors from all over the world visit this country in search of spirituality and salvation. The world-renowned religion of Buddhism also originated in India. From here, it spread far and wide, to the other parts of the world.

Buddhist Stupa & Heritage Sites

Buddhist Stupa & Heritage Sites

Buddhism is all about the essence of dharma, which shape the karma of mortals for many lifetimes. It is a religion and philosophy with a wide variation of customs, thoughts and practices which are exactly based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, commonly known as the Buddha. Lord Buddha was an incarnation who created the religious philosophy of Buddhism in India. Thus, Buddhist tours adjudged, as the spiritual face of India is suitable in every aspect.

Gautam Buddha or Siddhartha was born in a royal clan but at the age of 29, he abandoned all royal luxury and family to attain self-realization. He attained enlightenment after meditating for three days and three nights at Bodhgaya, nestled in Bihar. Bodhgaya is also known as the birth place of Buddhism.

Lumbini Birth Place of Lord Buddha

Lumbini Birth Place of Lord Buddha

The Buddhist tour in India is not only a simple religious tour but will also offer a chance to explore the royal architectural grandeur of some amazing monuments. It will also take you to few amazing destinations like Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, Vaishali, and Lumbini.

There are more than 25 Buddhist destinations all over India. Most of these destinations have in a way been part of the Buddha’s life. These were either visited by Buddha or were later associated as important Buddhist teaching centers. Each site is popular for some particular reason and blessed with great natural beauty.

Bodh Gaya is the holy place where Lord Buddha undertook strong meditation to obtain self-enlightenment. Mahabodhi Temple, Jain temple, Buddhist monasteries, and other remains of Buddhist significance are the star attraction of Bodh Gaya. Sarnath is also a most important Buddhist states that Lord Buddha after attaining nirvana preached the principles of Buddhism at Sarnath for first time. Tourists can visit Dhameka Stupa, pillar of Ashoka, sculptures of bygone epoch and artifacts remains of Lord at Sarnath.

Vaishali is also celebrated in the history of Buddhism as the site of second Buddhist council. Ajanta & Ellora Caves depicts the religious teachings and significance of Buddhism in the form of sculptures, paintings and artifacts. These caves are renowned world heritage sites of UNESCO, which exhibits the perfect Buddhist arts and cultures.

Ladakh, Dharamshala, Lahaul & Spiti, Darjeeling and Tawang are some of the hill areas of India which are also admire as a Buddhist religious site. These famous hill stations have some great monasteries which are always filled by Buddhist monks and Buddhist believers. These hill stations also have unmatched beauty of high mountains, snow-capped mountain peaks, rugged rocks, passes, massive glaciers, lakes and hilly rivers.

Indian celebrates a number of festivals inspired by the life and teachings of the Buddha, including Buddha Purnima, Losar, Hemis Festival, Asalha day etc. Buddha Purnima is celebrated every year during full moon in the month of Vaisakh (April/May).

Losar, the Tibetan New Year is celebrated in large part of country especially among Buddhist community of north-east and Ladakh. Another popular Buddhist fair is the popular Hemis Festival celebrated in Ladakh. This festival is held for two days. The highlights being sacred mask dances that are performed by the monks.

Each year large number of Buddhist followers especially from the western countries visits India and offer prayers. For deeper and better understanding of this religion take a tour to Indian Buddhist destinations.

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