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Ayurveda is an important element in Indian culture as it is not just a treatment but it is way of life for Indian people. It is natural healing system prevalent in India for more than five thousand years. This is mainly a preventive medical system which aims to balance energy in the body. This can be achieved by balanced diet and different type of massages. Ayurveda is truly effective to relieve stress, metabolic and chronic conditions.The Ayurveda can also be used for rejuvenation and for beauty and slimming treatments. Most of the Ayurvedic centers are located in Kerala because of its climatic condition and availability of herbal plants there. Although you can find lot of Ayurvedic resorts in Goa, Karnataka and many other states of India.

Best Ayurvedic treatment centres

These days, you can go through ayurvedic treatment not only in hospitals but very comfortable Ayurvedic centers in good resorts so that you do not compromise on comfort and quality. When you come for Ayurvedic treatment, you are first examined by a qualified doctor. He will not only examine your body but he will ask about your daily diet, personal and professional condition and mental health besides many other questions to identify symptoms and key reasons for imbalance and only then he can advise suitable treatment.

Somatheeram, Travancore Heritage ….. are famous for these treatments

Kerala Ayurvedic massage

You may contact State Express India Ayuveda Tour Operators to get more details about Ayurveda treatments and resorts where you can get these wonderful therapies.We also offers affordable kerala package tours for Ayurveda treatments and we assure of you best quality treatment and prices.

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