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Luxury may have different meanings for different people. For us, a luxury tour means selection of your own dates, travel to places that you dream of visiting, the mode of travel of your choice and at your pace and a travel advisor who can combine all this in style with greatest comfort and pleasure to make your trip not just a trip but a unique experience which remains unforgettable during your lifetime. 

The unique experience starts with designing a tour itinerary as per your schedule and interest. With our deep knowledge of India, our travel advisors will give you a couple of itineraries which can later be finalized after receiving opinion and insight from you. Next step is the selection of luxury and boutique hotels for accommodation. There can be no better place that India for this as only here you can experience living like a Maharaja or a king without being born in a royal family. You can stay in luxury palaces and forts and experience royalty that only royals did. Besides stay in palaces and forts, you can experience stay in a Luxury camp where you will be transported back to the times when caravans of royalty would rest during their hunting expeditions and encounter a tiger with your eyes during a jungle safari.

Luxury India tours

We have one of the best fleet of luxury sedans and vans to let you travel to India on Indian roads with in comfort and style. Our experienced chauffeurs will provide you all the assistance and will live up to your expectations. If need be, we shall charter helicopter or small aircraft’s to suit your busy schedule and make best out of your limited disposable time. Our accompanying guide cum escort will be there to take care of your minute needs and details and to make sure that you do not have to worry for anything during your trip. We can provide unique experiences based on your interest such as Yoga, Photography, collection of Indian art or paintings or anything else that you may have in mind.

Luxury tour packages in India

State Express is an experienced and specialist of tour operators in Delhi and Indian sub-continent. With us, you just not make an ordinary India tours but we would ensure that you immerse in beauty and magic of Incredible India.


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