Golden Triangle Tour India – A Sneak Peek into The Heritage and History of India

If you’re yearning to get a glimpse of the historical gems of India in a short vacation, touring the cities included in Golden Triangle Tour is the best way to do so. Golden Triangle Tour India is coveted by travelers from across the world for the spectacular range of tourist attractions it presents. It is in these handpicked destinations that you can fully grasp all the elements that bring out the real flavor of India. The tour takes you to visit three eminent cities – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur which bear special relevance in defining the cultural and historical landscape of India.

Golden Triangle Tour

Golden Triangle

These destinations stand as testimonies to the royal reign they once witnessed which contributes to their larger-than-life existence. The monuments and buildings built by the royal clans several centuries ago lend a wonderful old-world appeal to these three cities. That’s precisely the reason they are often termed as the golden tour circuit because of the opulent history they bring forth. It’s one power-packed tour that introduces you to the architectural brilliance, traditions, and cuisine of Mughals and Rajputs.

Delhi, the capital city is the starting point of the tour where you get to sample the tempting street food. On one hand, the city amuses you with high-end malls and multiplexes, on the other, it gives a preview of the city’s affluent past through its striking Mughal monuments. This wonderful amalgamation of the old and the new makes your visit to the city highly gratifying.

The next stop in the Golden Triangle Tour is Agra, the city widely famous for the monument of love, Taj Mahal. Touring this city provides rich knowledge on Mughal history which is visible in monuments like Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, and Akbar’s Tomb. Finally, you arrive at the Pink city, Jaipur, the capital of the princely state Rajasthan. Here, you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover royal luxury exuding from the mighty forts and palaces that dominate the city. This along with a stroll through the bustling ancient shops and trying hearty Rajasthani dishes is an experience that creates lasting memories.

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The Top 10 Must-Visit Monuments Are:

1. Red Fort

Red Fort, Delhi

This seventeenth-century fort constructed by Shah Jahan is an emblem of Mughal heritage that draws many visitors from across the globe due to its impressive design. The fort also stands witness to the freedom struggle of Indians. The sound and light show is the best way to gain complete knowledge of its history and inception.

2. Humayun’s Tomb

Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi

At first glance, Humayun’s Tomb appears to be a replica of the Taj Mahal, the difference being that this monument is built from white marble and red sandstone. This monument is noted for its heavenly Mughal architectural style and gardens that wonderfully bring out its true beauty. Once you are inside the fort, it’s easy to slip into the Mughal history as Emperor Humayun was laid to rest in a tomb inside the monument.

3. Qutub Minar

Qutab Minar, Delhi

This 72 m tall minaret is the tallest building you would find in the entire world. It was built to mark the beginning of Muslim rule in the twelfth century. The tower consists of 379 steps that lead you to the top from where you get a complete view of Delhi and can spot famous monuments lying at different places in the city. The most breathtaking part of this majestic monument is the balconies that offer spectacular views. You can also find verses of the Quran inscribed on the walls of Qutub Minar.

4. India Gate

India Gate, Delhi

This arch-shaped war memorial is a good place to spend your evening whenever you are in Delhi. It was built to pay tribute to soldiers who sacrificed their lives during World War I. The imposing structure lying at the heart of Delhi attracts great attention from visitors due to its gigantic size. The colorful fountains in the gardens surrounding the gate enliven the atmosphere with enthusiasm. This place is equally enjoyed by kids as it’s located close to a children’s park and is mostly frequented by families especially in the summer season.

5. Taj Mahal

TajMahal, Agra

This is the first monument you come across when you enter Agra. Known all over the world for its terrific beauty, this monument of love built by Shah Jahan instantly captures your gaze. This palace provides lots of stunning views with its intricate design and architecture which is worth capturing. The magnetic appeal of this heritage building has garnered accolades of recognition in the entire world.

6. Agra Fort

Agra Fort, Agra

This is one building that exemplifies Mughal architecture in its most splendid form. Agra fort comes as surprise for those who think of only the Taj Mahal when hearing about Agra. This fort is a set of different buildings made from red sandstone. Once you enter this fort, it guarantees to take you into rich Mughal history. The fort used to be the residence of Mughal emperors till 1638. Every little detail of the fort right from the carvings, gates, palaces, temples to other structures lend an insight into the life of Mughal rulers.

7. Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri, Agra

To unravel every little detail associated with the Mughals, visiting Fatehpur Sikri is of extreme importance. This walled city is a fortified complex consisting of many different palaces, mosques, gardens, courtyards, and gates built by emperor Akbar. The red sandstone structures are best viewed at sunset when they look most beautiful.

8. City Palace

City Palace, Jaipur

This is the most appealing historical monument lying at the heart of Jaipur that captures your attention with its grand architecture. It is visited by a huge number of national and international travelers who come to Rajasthan. This esteemed palace used to be the seat of the king of Jaipur in its heyday which is the reason it is hailed as an important specimen of royal luxury. The palaces, courtyards, gardens, and gates of the palace depict a blend of Mughal and Rajput construction patterns.

9. Amber Fort

Amer Fort or Amer Fort- Golden Triangle Tour

Amber fort or Amer Fort, Near Jaipur

Amber Fort is the most attention-worthy structure in Jaipur that must be visited to understand the history of Rajputs. This fort was built over a period of two centuries which resulted in a glorious masterpiece, one that stuns everyone with its exquisite architecture. The construction of this fort was initiated by Raja Man Singh and was finished by Sawai Jai Singh.

10. Hawa Mahal

HawaMahal, Golden Triangle Tour

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

The Palace of Winds is the most breathtaking structure that promises to leave you wondering about how it was constructed. It won’t be wrong to call it a gem of Jaipur, given its impressively laid out design. An admirable feature of the Hawa Mahal is the many windows with balconies that let you view the whole city. It was constructed mainly for the women of royal families to keep an eye on the affairs of the outside world.

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Activities In Golden Triangle Tour

Golden Triangle tour is one prized vacation that brings together Indian history and culture. The cities featured in the tour offer lots of opportunities to understand customs and traditions that are central to that particular place. One of the best ways to understand the cultural set up of a particular place is to take part in the activities that bring out the essence of that region. Here is a checklist of things you must do in Golden Triangle Tour for an immersive experience of Indian culture.

1. Gorge on Delhi’s mouthwatering street food

Delhi street food in Golden Triangle Tour

Street food, Delhi

Once you land in Delhi, you would be continually surrounded by the tempting aroma of street food wafting from the food joints. It’s worth taking a bite of these famous delicacies, Delhi is so proud of. Be it aloo tikkis, chaats, chole bhatoore or piles of piping hot parathas, this place promises to fulfill all the dreams of a gastronome.

2. Take a Rickshaw Tour of Chandni Chowk

Rickshaw Tour in Delhi during Golden Triangle Tour

Rickshaw Tour in Delhi

There’s nothing like touring the lanes and streets of Old Delhi in a rickshaw. It gives a better view of the old markets and buildings located nearby. The ride gives you enough options to stop at the shops you choose for buying clothes, antique jewelery, and other craft items.

3. Watch Delhi’s Nightlife

Delhi Night Life in Golden Triangle Tour

Delhi’s  NightLife

Spending a night at the happening pubs of Delhi is a must if you want to take a sneak peek of the city’s nightlife. These clubs are great places to socialize and relax after a grueling day spent in understanding the history of Old Delhi. It also gives you a chance to recharge yourselves for an exhaustive cultural tour that awaits you.

4. Get a bite of the famous Mughlai Cuisine at Agra

The city is famous not only because of the tastefully designed Mughal monuments but also for the delectable Mughlai cuisine. The restaurants in Agra are perfect places to dig into the rich Mughlai dishes. A visit to the sweet shops for a bite of the famous sweets of Agra proves to be the best way to say goodbye to the city.

5. Photography at the Taj Mahal

Photography at the Taj-Mahal in Mugalai Cuisine during Golden Triangle Tour

Photography at the Taj-Mahal

Taking picture-perfect snapshots of the Taj Mahal ensures the memories of your visit to the ‘Seventh Wonder of the World’ stay with you forever. There are many sites around this majestic monument that give you the best views for taking a picture. For best effect, it is advised to do photography on a clear day when the monument dazzles up like a pearl under the clear blue sky.

6. Shopping for art and craft at Ancient markets of Jaipur

Shopping for art and craft at Ancient markets of Jaipur

Shopping for art and craft at Ancient markets of Jaipur

Stopping at the old markets of Jaipur offers a chance to understand the culture and craft hidden in Rajasthan. The most appealing characteristic of these bustling shoes is the kaleidoscope of different colors each of them put forward. There’s an endless range of textiles, costumes, jewelery, craft items and leatherware you can buy in these shops. Every single day, these markets witness a great inflow of customers who come from different countries to take a peek into the rich culture of Rajasthan.

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7. Watching puppet shows

Puppet show

Puppet show

Puppet show

Puppet show

Another activity to keep yourselves occupied during your visit to Jaipur is the puppet show. This vanishing art grabs the attention of tourists with beautifully embellished dolls or puppets. The puppeteers organize plays with these puppets that are accompanied by folk music.

 8. Camel and Elephant rides near Amer fort

Camel and Elephant rides near Amer fort

Camel and Elephant rides near Amer fort

Camel ride is an unmissable activity that must be undertaken for a complete experience of the desert state. It’s a preferred way of taking a trip to the whole city without getting stuck in traffic. It also gives a detailed idea of the geographical set up of Jaipur along with mind-boggling views of the architectural marvels located in the city.

Best Time To Travel Golden Triangle

September to February

SUGGESTED TOUR: Golden Triangle Tour – 7D/6N

Golden Triangle Tour consists of cities that witness extreme heat in summers. Hence, it is best to book your tour during winter months; i.e, from September to February when the weather is pleasant enough for you to comfortably travel during the day. It is advised to get to know about the duration and detailed itinerary from your travel agent for a hassle-free vacation.

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