This vacation Lets unfold each and every layer of Varanasi

Varanasi is located on the bank of sacred Ganges, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, is one of the top-most holiday destinations of India. Famous as the city of light, it has a strong spiritual past and being considered as the most important place of Hindu pilgrimage. The sky-high temples and Ghats mix a pious smoke in the whole atmosphere, which allure the soul of travellers till their last breath.

Varanasi has something to proffer to each and every group of the visitors. The boat cruise on the tender streams of the River Ganga, the zigzag alleys of the city, the huge dome of the temple spires that adorn the town; at these attracts the tourists from all over the globe. Since time immemorial, this city has been renowned for its silks, Ghats, temples, art, literature and music.

It is believed if a holy dip in the pious river Ganga can liberated a person from the cycle of births and re-births. A holiday trip to Varanasi offers a totally different and unique picture to its visitors which they have never witnessed before and that can never be seen in any other place of the world.

During the North India visit, a tour to Varanasi is imperfect if the visitors miss out the following activities.

River cruises in the mighty Ganges

River Cruise Varanasi

River Cruise Varanasi

Cruise along the river banks of Ganges provides a breath taking view and unforgettable experience to remember. Early morning boat cruise on holy river of Ganges provides tourists a golden chance to see the living culture & tradition of Hinduism. Early morning one can also absorb and feel the divine energy of the Vedic Chants.

Enjoy Evening Aarti Ceremony at Ganges

Vanaras Ganga Arti

Vanaras Ganga Arti

Ganga or the Ganges is the biggest and the holiest river of India. It is not considered to be good if any Hindu has not taken a dip in this holy river once in lifetime. It is said that the sins are washed away once you take a dip in the holy river. Millions of pilgrims visit this place every year and they take bath in the River Ganges early in the morning at sunrise and offer their prayers. It is believed that a dip in this holy water can liberate one from the cycle of births and re-births.

According to the legends, taking a dip into the sacred ghats like Dasaswamedha, Manikarnika and Pancha-ganga is the way to reach heaven.

Attained Yoga and meditation

Prayer & Meditation

Prayer & Meditation

Visitors visit to Varanasi for self-actualisation through religious and spiritual means. The land of ‘sadhus’ as India is dubbed to be is best witnessed on the banks of the holy river Ganges in Varansai. There are a number of centers for yoga and meditation across the city including Man Mandir, Gayan Pravah, Kashi Yoga Sangh, Sankat Mochan etc. Meditation or yoga near the bank of river Ganga really rejuvenates the soul and body.

Worship at the temples

Varanasi has always been recognized for its temples and home to about 2, 000 shrines. It is one of the famous pilgrimage centers for Hindus. The world renowned Kashi-Vishwanath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is the most important of all temples.

Major temples to worship in this city include Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Tulsi Manas Temple, Bharat Mata Temple, Durga Temple, New Vishwanath Temple, Sankat Mochan Temple, Bindu Mahadava Temple and many more. The city is also an important centre for Buddhism and Jainism. There are many Jain temples and Buddhist stupas.

Enjoy the mesmerizing sun set from the Ghats

Evening Sunset Vanarasi

Tourists can enjoy tremendous sun set and sun rise from the various Ghats of Ganga. The cold waves of Ganga and formation of fog over it will make the whole atmosphere heavenly. This unforgettable view of sun set most charming sight in the holy city. There are around 81 ghats including Manikarnika, Dasaswamedha and Pancha-ganga.

Stroll along the Ghats

Evening Sunset Vanarasi

There are more than 100 Ghats in Varanasi. Every evening these ghats become the venue for the Aarti performed in honor of the holy river Ganga. Hymns and mantras are recited during cremation which makes the whole atmosphere pure and fresh. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of Ganga River and calm waves, they can meditate there.

Bird watching at the Ghats

varanasi ghat bird Watching

This place is such a refreshing place for bird watchers. Ghats of Varanasi stretch for miles along the holy river Ganges and a number of birds visit there.


shopping in Varanasi

shopping in Varanasi

Shopping is the right way to bring the memories of the trip. This city is famous for its silk sarees which are known for its softness and are adorned with intricate designs and zari. These sarees are quite popular during traditional functions and weddings. Brassware, jewellery, woodcraft, carpets, wall hangings, lamp shades and masks of Hindu and Buddhist deities are the other shopping stuff of Varanasi.


varanas Cuisine

varanas Cuisine

There are many restaurants that offer different types of foods and those that are closer to the Ghats cater to the tastes of the foreign tourists. The city is famous for its tea, lassi, and sweets. In this city one can taste the most delicious vagetarian Indian food. The place is also famous for its Banarsi paan. The famous food items of the city are roasted peanuts, Tamatar Chat, Pani Puri, Kachoris, Aloo Tikki, and a variety of sweets like Jalebis, Banarasi Kalakand, Rabri, etc.

So, Take a tour to this place and attain salvation and purify your soul.

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