Explore the Tribal Life in Odisha, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh in India

India is home to a vast number of ancient tribes which present a perfect opportunity for travelers to experience life of tribal people living in its remote regions. The tribal people of India have preserved the age old customs and rituals which they fervently follow even till today. These people have developed a distinct lifestyle away from modern influences which evokes great interest from travelers around the world who are drawn towards these remote villages for a close encounter with the simple lives of tribal people.

Life of tribal people exists in harmony with the wildlife and the ecosystem which is the reason for the picture perfect scenery of tribal areas. These people lead minimalistic lives and take pleasure in their traditional dances, music, and art as a source of entertainment. The undefined beauty of tribal life can be best explored by taking a tour to the tribal regions of India.

tribal people of India

Although, there are numerous indigenous tribes living in many parts of India the tribes of Odisha (or Orissa), Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh are the richest in terms of culture, art and traditions they have maintained. These locations are one of the best destinations that feature in Odisha tribal tour package offered by tour operators in India. A tour to these places would be the best way to immerse you in the tribal life of India.

Odisha is the best destination for tribal tours India as it has the largest number of tribes residing in its remote villages. A few of these tribal areas are inaccessible to the tourists and you may need to obtain permits to visit these regions. The Tribal Tour to Odisha starts with a visit to the Tribal Museum in Bhubaneshwar where you get a brief idea of the tribal arts of Odisha.

Tribal Museum in Bhubaneshwar

The next destination is Baliguda district which has several small village tribes which are known for their outstanding handicrafts. A short trek through the forests of Baliguda gives a purview of the life of Desia Kondh and Kutia Kondh tribes. The sights of wild animals in the Kotgarh Wildlife sanctuary give a glimpse the wildlife of Odisha. For a more in-depth experience in the tribal life of Odisha, a visit to the Ankadeli village is highly recommended. This village belongs to the Bonda tribe who lead strictly isolated lives away from external influences.

The breathtakingly beautiful landscape is not the only reason to take a tour to Nagaland, as it is home to about sixteen tribes who are known for their cheerfulness and pleasant dispositions. Most of these tribes devote a lot of their time celebrating local festivals. Untouched by the outer world, the tribal villages of Nagaland have retained the ancient customs which can be easily seen in the lives of these people.

Nagaland Orissa Tribal Tour

The tour takes you to Mon district which is home to the Konyak tribe, which is the most vicious tribe in the world. A visit to the Mokokchung village lets you get up close with the tribe who were the first among the Nagas to embrace Christianity which gave these people an opportunity to become literate. Other prominent places to visit in Nagaland are Longkhum village and Tuephema tourist village near Kohima where tourists can stay in village resorts to experience tribal life in Nagaland.

The verdant hills and forests dominating Arunachal Pradesh are bestowed with many different tribal ethnicities. More than twenty-six tribes live in the remote regions of Arunachal Pradesh which make it an ideal destination to see the tribal life. Living with these tribes gives you a chance to explore their varied culture, cuisine, and customs.

tribal tour in Arunachal Pradesh

The most sought-after locations for an enriching tribal tour in Arunachal Pradesh are Ziro village which is home to the Apatani tribe, Daporijo where the natives of Tagin tribe live, along where people of Adi tribe live and Chittagong hill which is the residing place of Chakma and Hajong tribes. Fishing and farming are the major occupation of the tribal folks and joining them in their daily activities would surely turn out to be a memorable experience for the travelers.

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