Experiential Activities in Rajasthan

Desert Safari and Cocktail over Sand Dunes

Sand Dune, Jaisalmer

Cities Available – Jaisalmer, Bikaner
In this surreal experience, available in both Jaisalmer and Bikaner, you can enjoy a unique desert safari experience in the royal state of Rajasthan. Venture into the exotic Thar desert and enjoy the rippling sand dunes that Thar desert is known for. Enjoy a 40 minute camel ride to the heart of the desert, across the rippling dunes to enjoy the sprawling beauty of this picturesque landscape. Set up camp in the desert and experience the sun set over cocktails and snacks. The vastness and isolation of the desert makes this experience completely magical. Enjoy authentic folk dance and music performances by performers wearing traditional Rajasthani outfits along with mouth-watering Rajasthani cuisine. Finally, climb back on the camels to head back to camps under the moonlight to conclude this surreal experience.

Camel Breeding Center


Cities Available – Bikaner
Camels are an important animal species especially when it comes to the deserts. Popularly called as the ship of the desert, this incredible species can store water in their humps for a couple of days and easily ferry people and goods from one place in the dry desert to another. The National Research Center on Camels in Bikaner is not just a camel breeding cum research center, but also acts as a museum that is highly popular among tourists for its food offering made from camel milk such as ice-cream and hot beverages and cold beverages. The centre rears a herd of more than 400 camels of 4 different species, offering camel rides and souvenirs such as camel tooth keychain, handicrafts made of camel skin and fascinating artwork that has been made out of camel skin and bones. This unique experience will make you fall in love with this peaceful and sociable animal.

Sound and Light Show at Amber Fort, Jaipur

Amer Fort

The sound and light show at Amer Fort is a spectacular performance that brings to life the rich history of the fort and its rulers. Built in red Sandstone and marble the splendid, opulent palace consists of four floors, each with its own courtyard. Combining elements of music, sounds, light and folklore, the show highlights the legendary acts of courage and valour performed by 28 rulers of the Kachwaha dynasty. The 600 year old fort serves as a beautiful canvas to this aesthetically directed show. Located at the top of a hill, the forts offers a scenic view of the whole city.

Show Timings

English Language Show Hindi Language Show
October to February 6:30 pm 7:30 pm
March to April 7:00 pm 8:00 pm
May to September 7:30 pm 8:30 pm

Hot Air Balloon Ride


Enjoy this aerial experience in Jaipur and get a novel perspective of the Pink City. Watch the world below light up as the sun rises from a hot air balloon almost 2000 ft above the ground. Get a splendid view of the city and Amer fort as you enjoy the surreal experience of floating in thin air. Glide across the sky to near by town and watch rural Indian people engaged in their morning routines as the balloon comes down to a low altitude to offer a good look of the countryside and its inhabitants. This adventure activity will surely give you the adrenaline rush that you were looking for.

Raj Mandir Cinema Hall

Raj Mandir Cinema Hall

Enjoy a classic Bollywood movie with its distinctive style of steamy romance, energetic dance numbers and melodrama at this heritage cinema hall. Created with a vision to offer a surreal experience to movie goers, the Raj Mandir Cinema Hall, makes the audience feel like they are royal guests of the palace and offers complete entertainment. Established in 1976, the Cinema hall is still regarded as the best movie theatre in Asia, and was awarded the ‘Best Single Screen of India’ at IMAX Big Cine Awards in 2018. The huge cinema hall took over ten years to build and has been conferred the title – “Pride of Asia” for its majestic architecture and elegant interiors. Come here to catch a latest Bollywood movie for an unforgettable entertainment experience.

Chokhi Dhani Village Fair

Chowki Dhani Village Fair

Chokhi Dhani is a local fair organized in the city of Jaipur that offers a flavor of rural lifestyle followed by people living in this desert region. In the evening, there are live performances by folk singers and dancers in traditional Rajasthani attire. Not only this, there are also performances by local acrobats who perform unbelievable stunts on bamboos. The fair offers rides on camels, horses, and elephants, that give you a tour of this scenic village fair. You can seek information about your future from luck predicting parrots and get henna tattoos on your palms and legs that bring good fortune. The fair also houses a museum and a national arts and craft market from where you can buy traditional artifacts and clothing. With numerous restaurants to choose from, the fair is a culinary delight. A trip to Rajasthan is incomplete with a visit to this iconic fair.

Recreation With Elephants

Elephant Art

“Haathi Gaon” or elephant village is an elephant sanctuary cum rehabilitation centre for elephants rescued from circuses and farms across India. In this unique human-elephant interaction program, you not only learn about Asian elephants but also spend an entire morning with them.These giant and beautiful mammals are extremely friendly and at Haathi Gaon, more than just riding an elephant, you interact with them and play with them. Under the guidance of a “mahout” or elephant caretaker, you can feed the elephants, paint them and even help the mahout in giving these charming creatures a bath. Every penny of the fees is spent on the preservation and welfare of these spectacular beasts. The experience is both educational and fun! Do visit here for a life changing experience.

Horse Polo

Elephant Art

India is the motherland of polo and has some of the oldest polo grounds in the world. The popular international sport originated in the Indian state of Manipur. In some cities of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur, Polo is not just played as a sport but is practiced as a tradition. For centuries, the crown princes and kings of these princely states have been associated with this magnificent equestrian sport. Maharaja Man Singh II, the last ruler of Jaipur, was a celebrated international polo player. Catch an exciting game of polo while in India and be a part
in this iconic game.

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